iOS 12 - iOS 12.0.1 Jailbreak

Updated October 09, 2018

iOS 12 Jailbreak has been achieved by Yalu and Pangu. But will they jailbreak iOS 12.0.1 as well? It was really fast to see a jailbreak on iOS 12 running iPhone XS. But Apple has now released iOS 12.0.1. Would these exploits support for iOS 12.0.1 jailbreak? Well that is a doubt. But you can find the available iOS 12 - iOS 12.0.1 Jailbreak methods below.

Install TweakMo Jailbreak
(Try with Safari)

How to Jailbreak iOS 12 - iOS 12.0.1 ?

  1. 1. TweakMo for iOS 12 Jailbreak
  2. 2. UDID Registration Method
  3. 3. Download Jailbreak IPA
  4. 4. iOS 12 Jailbreak Middleman Method

It's too early to comment on the exact method to achieve iOS 12 jailbreak or iOS 12.0.1 jailbreak. Jailbreak iOS 12.0.1 is a tough task and it will be harder than jailbreak iOS 12. but to our assumption, it'll be semi-untethered based on IPA method. Well, many latest jailbreak tools took the same shape in common. However, until a public jailbreak tool release, you can install jailbreak apps on your iPhone or iPad with few taps. Most popular jailbreaking and jailbreak app installation methods are listed above.

Install TweakMo Jailbreak

TweakMo is the most reliable online jailbreak app installation solution for iOS 11. With that trust, we offer TweakMo for iOS 12 - iOS 12.0.1 with more apps and solutions. Installing TweakMo is a 3 minute process. Be free on iOS 12 with TweakMo. Try now.

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Not only that. TweakMo also offers an arrays of jailbreak tools, jailbreak apps and jailbreak tweaks to suit your device. You can download and install TweakMo using IPA method with the help of a PC and Cydia Impactor. Also, if you are too lazy to tether your iPhone or iPad to a PC, use online (no computer) method for a faster installation. TweakMo supports iOS 12 or later versions as well. If you are amazed with what TweakMo offers, you can choose the package which suits you the best.

TweakMo for iOS 12 - iOS 12.0.1 Jailbreak

This was successful for iOS 10 - iOS 11.4 beta 3 as many jailbreak tools support these versions. The truthbe told, this is an extension of IPA based jailbreaks as IPA based jailbreaks expire after 7 days unless you have an Apple developer account. We, the Yalu team have taken steps to overcome this problem and as a result, we offer you a lifetime jailbreak with TweakMo. With this method,you will be able to achieve iOS 12 jailbreak and iOS 12.0.1 jailbreak permanently with few taps on your iPhone or iPad once a jailbreak tool for iOS 12 - iOS 12.0.1 is released. Jailbreak tools are not the only thing TweakMo has to offer. TweakMo is rich among the much needed jailbreak apps and tweaks for various iOS versions and it offers UDID registration too.

UDID Registration Method

UDID registration is a method that the developers use to test and debug iOS applications and we develop and automate the process to enable you to install jailbreak apps and jailbreak tweaks on iOS devices even without jailbreaking. TweakMo is the application you need to grab if you are interested in install jailbreak apps on your iOS 12 or iOS 12.0.1 device without a jailbreak. Not only the jailbreak apps and tweaks, but many latest tools also are offered in TweakMo. so that you can achieve permanent jailbreak for lifetime. Just tap the Install TweakMo Jailbreak button on top of this page to place TweakMo on your Homescreen now.

Jailbreak IPA Method for iOS 12 - iOS 12.0.1 (with Cydia Impactor and PC)

Many jailbreak tools offer jailbreak in this method such as Electra jailbreak for iOS 11 versions. Downside of this method is, that jailbreak expires after 7 days of installation. (not an issue if you are an Apple developer with a $99 developer account, yes we know the drill) However, we offer you TweakMo Silver package (costs $9.99) totally free with IPA method to try out. Follow the steps below.

Initial preparation:

  • ♦ Have latest version of Cydia Impactor downloaded from
  • ♦ Download the TweakMo.ipa
  • ♦ Make sure you have the latest version of itunes
  • ♦ Stable internet connection

Launch Cydia impactor, drag and drop the TweakMo jailbreak ipa onto the launcher box. While the process in progress you will be asked to insert your login user and password. Once the process was done, you will find TweakMo Silver app on your homescreen.

Last Step:

Now, you are almost there. Once you tapped on the app you will find Untrusted Developer pop up. You may fix this just by doing some settings on your mobile. To do follow the below mentioned.

Settings → General → Profiles and Device Management

You will see the enterprise name under the same section, tap on it and hit trust.
That’s it.

Congratulations ! Now you are free on iOS

Middleman Method for iOS 12 - iOS 12.0.1 Jailbreak

There are many jailbreak app stores available for iOS users. Some serve apps for several categories while some offer only specific apps or app category. With these variations and limitations, when you need to find a specific app for a particular need, you have to search through different app stores offered by different websites or services.

This is a time-consuming task as many services offer the same app with different version numbers. Also, sometimes you have to install each one of them on your iPhone from different app stores to get know what version of that particular app supports your device. With the Middleman method for iOS 12 and iOS 12.0.1 jailbreak, our target is to reduce your time on searching jailbreak apps for iOS 12 - iOS 12.0.1.

iOS 12 jailbreak Middleman method, as the name suggests, will help you install third-party jailbreak apps, jailbreak tools and jailbreak tweaks from different sources. Want to know why we encourage you to try middleman method once released? Take a look at our reasons list.

  • Less Time Consuming
  • Have multiple installation options for the same jailbreak tool, tweak or app
  • Directly install the app you need without installing an entire app store
  • Lifetime updates and support

Aren't those good enough to make a decision? We will make this promise a reality soon with the tool release for Middleman method for iOS 12 jailbreak. Stay tuned.

iOS 12 - iOS 12.0.1 Jailbreak Release

There are many approaches to jailbreak iOS 12 and jailbreak iOS 12.0.1, some teams succeeded in achieving it. However, no any iOS 12 - iOS 12.0.1 jailbreak tool is released to the public at the moment. Until the iOS 12 jailbreak release date, we have some exciting news to share with you.

  1. iOS 12 Cydia
  2. iOS 12 Jailbreak Approaches
    1. Pangu Team Jailbreak iOS 12 on iPhone XR
    2. Luca Todesco Jailbreaks iPhone Xs Max
    3. Ian Beer will Focus on iOS 12 Exploits
    4. iOS 12 Jailbreak for A10 and A11 Devices Achieved
    5. iOS 12 Read & Write Privilege Achieved
    6. CoolStar Reserved a Bug for iOS 12 Jailbreak
    7. Keen Lab Jailbreaks iOS 12 Beta 1
    8. iOS 12 Remote Jailbreak by 360Vulcan Team
  3. iOS 12 Jailbreak News
    1. Cydia Impactor Updated for iOS 12
    2. "iOS 12 Jailbreak will be Harder" Says Nullpixel

iOS 12 - iOS 12.0.1 Cydia

Waiting for iOS 12 Cydia download or availability of Cydia install on iOS 12.0.1? Let's get some facts straight.

Fully functional Cydia is only available for jailbroken devices. Which means you can't install or run Cydia on your iOS 12 or iOS 12.0.1 running iPhone or iPad, because iOS 12 jailbreak is not available for general public at the moment.

If you want to use Cydia with iOS 12 or iOS 12.0.1, you have to wait for iOS 12 jailbreak or iOS 12.0.1 jailbreak to arrive. You can use Cydia apps on your iOS 12 - iOS 12.0.1 devices, but you can't use Cydia tweaks such as NGXPlay. Because Cydia tweaks need a jailbroken device to work properly.

Even Cydia download is not available for iOS 12, you can install Cydia apps or jailbreak apps on your iOS 12 - iOS 12.0.1 devices. What you have to do is install a Cydia alternative which offers Cydia apps to work without jailbreak.

Do not forget that official Cydia support is not available for devices running iOS 11 or later versions. Even Electra jailbreak offers a patched version of Cydia. If your only concern is iOS 12 Cydia, you will have to wait for iOS 12 jailbreak release.

iOS 12 - iOS 12.0.1 Jailbreak Approaches

Pangu Team Jailbreak iOS 12 on iPhone XS

iPhone XS is in market for about a week and Pangu team was able to jailbreak it on the latest firmware iOS 12. Min Zheng from Alibaba security team tweeted this recently and mentioned that Pangu team has bypassed PAC mitigation on the new A12 chip. A12 chip is the latest hardware from Apple which was introduced to this year's iPhone lineup.

Pangu team is an experienced jailbreak team who released many jailbreak tools in the past. They have released untethered jailbreak tools for various iOS versions but stay quiet for some period. But it also seems that they have never left the game.

Will they release iOS 12 untethered jailbreak this time? And will this exploit able to jailbreak iOS 12.0.1? Keep in touch for more info.

Luca Todesco Jailbreaks iPhone XS Max

The creator of Yalu jailbreak, security researcher Luca Todesco was able to hack the iOS 12 final release. Security researchers play with beta builds and some able to crack those. Luca was probably able to crack beta 12 of iOS 12. As we knew, iOS 12 beta 12 became the iOS 12 GM without any under the hood updates and released as the public version later. Proving this fact, Luca stated that he was able to pwned the iOS 12 final even without changing a line of code.

Luca has admitted that he is able to jailbreak iOS 12 running iPhone XS Max. It's the same exploits he used for the iOS 12 jailbreak he mentioned in early tweets. He just wanted to confirm his iOS 12 jailbreak tool with iPhone XS Max hardware compatibility and the results have arrived.

Will Luca Todesco's iOS 12 jailbreak tool find the day of light and will it support for a iOS 12.0.1 jailbreak? Stay tuned.

Ian Beer will Focus on iOS 12 Exploits

Google Project Zero's Ian Beer says he will focus on iOS 12 exploits. He was the man behind almost all latest jailbreak tools. Because Electra and many other jailbreak teams build jailbreak tools for exploits revealed by Ian Beer.

He is planning to release iOS 11.4.1 exploits to the public soon so that we can hope for an iOS 11.4.1 jailbreak tool soon. As he has already started to work on iOS 12, iOS 12 jailbreak will not be a fantasy anymore.

iOS 12 Jailbreak for A10 and A11 Devices Achieved

A known tweak developer Umang Raghuvanshi has claimed that he is in the possession of iOS 12 exploits which could lead to iOS 12.x jailbreak. He has confirmed these exploits work on A10 and A11 chip running devices. He is waiting to get his hands on the latest A12 chip powered devices which are iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR.

He stated that the exploits he discovered are available in latest iOS 12.1 beta versions. In case those exploits survived in the production line until the iOS 12.1 public release, we would be able to see an iOS 12.1 jailbreak using the same vulnerabilities.

These exploits’ availability in iOS 12.1 beta means they have survived iOS 12.0.1 release. If so, jailbreak iOS 12.0.1 will not be farther.

If Umang is successful at jailbreaking iOS 12 / iOS 12.0.1 / iOS 12.1, he will release a jailbreak tool. Fingers crossed with the A12 Bionic chip support for his jailbreak but we could find its availability soon. Wait for more details.

iOS 12 Kernel Memory Read and Write Privilege Achieved

This is the news that shocked Apple when they were getting ready to release iOS 12. Group of security researchers discovered a bug, which could exploits to achieve iOS 12 kernel memory read and write privileges. And the best thing is this could lead to an iOS 12 untethered jailbreak tool. Security researcher Simone Ferrini tweeted the news with a video proof.

Security researchers @Simone_Ferrini, @jndok and @f_roncari is the team behind the scenes to achieve this. This exploit was presented in iOS 12 beta 12 and we hope it wasn't fixed in iOS 12 public release.

CoolStar Reserved a Bug for iOS 12 Electra Jailbreak

CoolStar, the creator of Electra jailbreak released iOS 11.3 - iOS 11.3.1 jailbreak a few months back. When developing this jailbreak, he has found another critical bug and he is going to reserve it to develop iOS 12 jailbreak.

It's uncertain if that bug will be saved till the iOS 12 public release. But, as Electra jailbreak for iOS 11.2 - iOS 11.3.1 is based on a different bug, it's ok to save the bug for iOS 12 so that they can release an iOS 12 jailbreak as soon as iOS 12 arrives. However, if the bug was patched before the public release, they could use it to improve the iOS 11.3.1 jailbreak. No matter what, it's a win-win situation for everyone except Apple.

Keen Lab Jailbreaks iOS 12 on iPhone X

Keen Lab team jailbreak the iOS 12 beta 1 within a week after releasing iOS 12 beta 1. They have demonstrated the iOS 12 jailbreak on iPhone X. Jailbreaking took less than a minute and installed Cydia after the jailbreak process.

Your browser does not support the video element.

As this is developer beta 1, the bug will not exist until the public release of iOS 12. Also, it's certain that Keen Lab will not release a jailbreak tool for iOS 12.

360Vulcan Team Demonstrated iOS 12 Remote Jailbreak at MOSEC

360 Vulcan team recently posted a video claiming a remote jailbreak on iOS 11.4 and iOS 12 and it was confirmed at MOSEC as they have demoed the jailbreak.

They had successfully jailbroken the iOS 12 beta and demonstrated the iOS 12 remote jailbreak at MOSEC security conference. They have used the Safari + kernel bug for this jailbreak.

However, it's uncertain that this bug will survive until iOS 12 public release even the jailbreak team is ready to develop a jailbreak tool.

iOS 12 Jailbreak News

Cydia Impactor Updated for iOS 12

Saurik has recently updated the Cydia Impactor to work with iOS 12. Cydia Impactor version 0.9.46 is bringing the iOS 12 support and it's the latest version at the moment.

If you had any difficulties while sideloading apps on iOS 12, you shuold update to the latest version of Cydia Impactor.

"iOS 12 Jailbreak will be Harder" says @nullpixel

Elite hacker @nullpixel says that iOS 12 jailbreak will be harder than its previous versions. He stated that in a recent tweet with the facts he believe that will affect the production of iOS 12 jailbreak tool.

Well, this isn't a bad sign for jailbreak community at all. This shows that jailbreak teams and individuals are concerning the possibilities of jailbreaking iOS 12. This will be helpful for them rather than being a demotivating factor for them to build an iOS 12 jailbreak tool.

Be Free on iOS 12

Latest iOS 12 is not jailbreakable at the moment. But you can install jailbreak apps on iOS 12 and iOS 12.0.1 without a further delay. Customize your iPhone / iPad with hundreds of jailbreak apps including Cydia and Sileo demo versions with TweakMo.

Sileo by Electra Jailbreak

Sileo is a Cydia alternative for iOS 11 and later versions. Many users waited for the official Cydia update for iOS 11 from Saurik. Many jailbreak tools released since the iOS 11 initial release and Cydia update is not available yet. Therefore, CoolStar and the Electra jailbreak team initiated a project to build a replacement for Cydia and this tool is Sileo. Get to know Sileo before its arrival.

Jailbreak App Installers

Jailbreaking is not necessary to install jailbreak apps but to install tweaks. There are several methods and jailbreak app installers out there, but a few is actually functional and worthy.

TweakMo Jailbreak App Installer

TweakMo is a Cydia alternative that brings jailbreak apps on your iPhone and iPad. What makes it even more unique is that you can enjoy tweaked apps or extensions even without actually jailbreaking your device.

TaigOne Jailbreak Tool Finder

TaigOne is a jailbreak finder which simply allows iDevice user to grab the most suitable jailbreak according to the iOS version. If a jailbreak is not available for a particular iOS version, TaigOne suggests you the most recommended Cydia alternative you can enjoy.

Tikiri by TaigOne : Paid Apps for Free

If you ever need to play a game, but couldn't because it's a paid one? Not anymore. Tikiri is a service offered by TaigOne which offers many paid apps for free with Tikiri premium app. Not only the games, but apps under many categories offered for free with TaigOne Tikiri.