iOS 12.2 Jailbreak

Updated January 29, 2019

iOS 12.2 jailbreak solutions are available to try even with the iOS 12.2 beta versions. You can install iOS 12.2 beta for free and try any of the mentioned iOS 12.2 jailbreak methods.

How to Jailbreak iOS 12.2

There are various jailbreak methods available to jailbreak iOS 12.2 or earlier versions of iOS. Even for iOS versions which are not jailbreakable yet, you can use these solutions to achieve the same as the jailbreaking.

Ziyu Repo Extractor

Ziyu is the latest jailbreak method which offers repository extraction method to install jailbreak apps and tweaks on iOS 12.2 without an iOS 12.2 jailbreak.

TweakMo Jailbreak App Store

TweakMo is a third-party app store which supports all iOS 11 and iOS 12 versions up to the latest iOS 12.2 version. TweakMo offers jailbreak tools, jailbreak apps and jailbreak tweaks.

Vistian Tweaks

Vistian is a tweak store for non-jailbroken devices and it supports iOS 12 and later versions including iOS 12.2 beta. It uses the Shortcuts app on iOS to achieve tweaks on iOS 12.2 without jailbreak iOS 12.2

iOS 12.2 Beta

You can install the iOS 12.2 beta and try the recommended iOS 12.2 jailbreak methods.

Get iOS 12.2 Beta

Ziyu Repo Extractor

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You can install jailbreak apps and tweaks on iOS 12.2 without iOS 12.2 jailbreak using the Ziyu. Ziyu uses repository extraction method to install jailbreak apps and tweaks. You can install Ziyu directly or using the zJailbreak app store.

Install Ziyu

Install zJailbreak

How to Install Ziyu Repo Extractor

Step 1 : Visit this page using the Safari browser of your iOS 12.2 running iPhone and tap the Install Ziyu button.

Step 2 : Open Ziyu Repo Extractor.

Step 3 : Tap Browse Repo List and copy a preferred repo address.

Step 4 : Tap Extract Repo and paste the repository address copied in the step 2.

Step 5 : Ziyu will extract the repository and show you the available app list.

Step 6 : Install the required jailbreak app.

TweakMo Jailbreak App Store

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TweakMo is a third-party app store which offers jailbreak apps, jailbreak tools and jailbreak tweaks to iOS users. You can use jailbreak tools to jailbreak supported iOS versions while jailbreak apps can be used on your iPhone even without a jailbreak. However, to install and use jailbreak tweaks, it’s compulsory to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad.

Install TweakMo

TweakMo offers three membership categories which are Silver, Gold and Platinum. You can enjoy the UDID registration premium feature in TweakMo Platinum package.

Vistian Tweaks

Vistian is a no-jailbreak tweak store. Which means Vistian tweaks support jailbreak tweaks without iOS 12.2 jailbreak.

Tilt Scroll : Auto scroll a web page to read it on ease.

Try this Tweak

Convert video to gif : Convert video files to GIF animation easily.

Try this Tweak

Download YouTube : Download Youtube videos directly to your iPhone or iPad.

Try this Tweak

Speed Respring : Respring your device instantly.

Try this Tweak

Backup Shortcuts to iCloud : Backup all your shortcuts to the iCloud.

Try this Tweak

Discount Calculator : Calculate the discount and get the total saving.

Try this Tweak

Change Font : Change the font of a web page.

Try this Tweak

You can try any of the Vistian tweaks above. Vistian app is available in zJailbreak Freemium app, but you can visit Vistian jailbreak tweak installer for jailbreak tweaks list and to download Vistian app for free.

iOS 12.2 Cydia / iOS 12.2 Sileo

Cydia or Sileo full versions are only available for jailbroken devices. You can visit Cydia page to find the compatibility of Cydia with your current iOS version as Sileo is still in beta stages.

However, you can install a demo version of Cydia on iOS 12.2 using the TweakMo, Ziyu or zJailbreak.

iOS 12.2 Jailbreak News

iOS 12.2 beta has just released. There is no important news related to iOS 12.2 at the moment, but there will be hot news on iOS 12.2 jailbreak soon as beta versions are meant to be hacked. Keep in touch with us.


TweakMo app store was initially introduced for iOS 10.3.3 and continuously updated to work with later versions of iOS. As a result, it can served to devices up to latest iOS 12.2 beta. Find more info on TweakMo.


zJailbreak is the most popular third-party app store for iOS devices. It offers some unique products and popular app stores in both free and freemium packages. Find more info on zJailbreak.


Ziyu repo extractor offers many jailbreak apps including the Cydia demo for iOS 12.2 beta versions. Ziyu installation is also available on zJailbreak.


Vistian is the first of its kind, a tweak store which work without a jailbreak. It supports iOS 12.2 jailbreak tweaks without a jailbreak. Find more info on Vistian Tweaks.